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We don't build houses, we build homes.


We don't have "per square foot prices" - since each and every home we build is based on our individual customers. Many builders give a per square foot price, but by the time you add in those finishing touches that make the home yours, the price no longer resembles the original quote. We take the time to sit down with you and learn about how you live, what is important to you and what your long term goals are, so that we can give you exactly what you want. 


Our process begins with a "new customer meeting" during which you meet with Anthony and go over his detailed questionaire. The questionaire then goes to Stephanie for processing and then on to David. David uses the answers to write a detailed proposal with specifications that basically build your home on paper. He then uses the specifications to price your exact home using current material and labor costs. You will know exactly what your home will cost BEFORE you sign the papers. (The only standard allowances are well and septic)


Once Anthony reviews the contract and specifications, Stephanie will schedule a meeting with you to review the proposal. Typically, we do not encourage customers to sign at the proposal meeting. Instead, we ask that you take it home, read over it and think about it. Buying a home is a big investment and better made without pushy salespeople. 


Once you've reviewed your proposal, you have 7 days to respond. You can sign the proposal as it is and it becomes your contract. You can revise the current proposal - adding or removing whatever features you desire. You can scrap the whole proposal and try a different option. You can even walk away completely. Though it costs us over $1000 to develop a proposal, we do not charge our customers for the initial estimate if one of our plans can be modified to suit you or you bring your own plans.  If you do not have a plan and one of ours does not meet your requirements we can develop a design to suit you, but a design agreement is required to cover the cost of the architectural design work.


Here are some helpful hints for getting started:

For real estate agents...


We are happy to work with licensed real estate agents! Stephanie is the broker of our real estate company, Graystone Realty, LLC, and represents us in offering our land for sale. We respect agent/client relationships and always ask up front whether a potetial client is represented by an agent, but we ask that you still contact Stephanie to register your clients. Her e-mail is and cell is 540-825-1300.

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