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The Property


Graystone gives you the maximum amount of flexibility on property. Whether you choose one of our home sites, purchase a home site or need assistance developing property that you already own, we can help!



Our Properties

We have carefully selected home sites over several counties including Culpeper, Madison, Orange and Fauquier. Some properties are located in communities, others are one or two lot parcels in the country. All of our properties are listed with Graystone Realty, LLC, our full service real estate company. If you are already working with an agent, they can show you any of our properties, otherwise contact Stephanie at 540-825-1300 or for more information.

Town of Culpeper
4th Street (3)
High Street (1)
Culpeper County
Orange County
Purchasing a "non-Graystone" Property

If you are purchasing a property not owned by Graystone Homes, we can help you evaluate the feasibility of the property you are looking at for the home you desire. We can walk you through what to look for in a soil report (perc test), obtaining or reading a survey, placing your house site, situating the drainfield, obtaining soil work, etc. We are experienced in land evaluation and development and are happy to lend our expertise to our customers. We prefer to be involved in the beginning to help keep our customers from making costly mistakes.

Developing your own Property

We have many years of experience developing properties. Whether you're building your home on existing land, planning a family division, or developing a residential community for resale, we can help. As when purchasing a non-Graystone property, we can assist you in the development of a plat or community plan, soil work, survey work, and other coordination. Let Anthony's years of experience work on your behalf.

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