The Plan

Again, we are one of the most flexible builders out there. We have a collection of hundreds of plans that we have built in the past, but we can build from ANY plans. We have had customers bring in napkins with scribbled designs and we've turned them into reality.  


The most important aspect of the plan is the FLOORPLAN. Exteriors can be customized to look however you like, but the floorplan has to fit your lifestyle. Do you like open spaces? Need a big kitchen? Will your in-laws need a place to stay in a few years? Anthony makes recommendations based on his extensive knowledge and your needs and desires. He is better at matching you to a plan than any computer program we've ever come across, so this is usually best done in a sit down meeting. However, we know that most people like to have a few ideas when they come in, so we've posted some of our customers' favorites below.


Some Customer Favorites....

These are just a  very few of our most popular plans.

Single Story Plans

Two Story Plans




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