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Real Estate Agent Policy

How do I register my clients?

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your clients. To ensure payment of commission earnings, a Real Estate Agent Registration Form must be completed  and provided to us on or before your client's first visit to our office. We also require a copy of your Buyer Representative Agreement if you are requesting a commission rather than a referral fee. The flat referral fee is $1,000 and is available without providing  your signed Buyer Representative Agreement, but we still require the signed Real Estate Agent Registration Form. If the client has previously contacted our office and spoken with our sales staff, it will void the possibility of the real estate agent earning a commission or referral fee on a sale. 

What commission rates do you offer?

Commissions are strictly between you and your client. If they agree to pay you a 3% commission, we will add that to the cost of the home.  As long as your client agrees to it, we will budget for it.  Historically, we've found that most agents choose a 1% commission in order to keep the total cost of the build competitive with builders who don't offer commissions. Others ask for the flat referral fee of $1,000. 

What meetings to I need to attend?

You are not required to attend any meetings with your clients, but we welcome your attendance if you so desire.

What am I paid on?

Your commission is based on the contract price at signing. No commissions are added to change orders that occur during construction. 

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