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We know that a job well done is our best advertisement. This is just a small sampling of the testimonials that we have received. Click on the name of the customer to view the entire testimonial.

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"Our experience with Graystone was nothing short of exceptional. We were engaged with every step of the process to the smallest detail. While our new home was constructed I had to travel extensively with work. Linda was super in responding quickly via e-mail, adjusting their schedules to fit mine (including weekends), and turning the entire project around under the projected deadline. Our home is everything we expected and more. Thank you Graystone for a job well done!!" - Kris Lafontaine, September 2013

"Almost 5 yrs later and we still feel like we've just moved in. It's a great home. Photos attached. Wishing you all a good 2010 Spring/Summer Season." -Denis and Tiffany Richtarski on February 16, 2010

"Since the day we moved in we've heard nothing but compliments on the quality of our home. A few of our friends who chose other builders have said that they wish they had gone to Graystone instead. They say there aren't many companies now that build the quality that you do. My Daddy is so proud of the home you built our family that he shows it off to everyone who visits." -
Sarah Sisk (age 13) on November 24, 2008
"It was eleven years ago when we met and you built our first house. After these years have passed, when a new opportunity to create our dream home arose, there was no doubt in our mind who would build it." - Alla and Dave on October 20, 2008.
"From our initial meeting, we believed that you would be a fair and honest person who we could trust. We also heard of your reputation for building quality homes and for providing a high level of customer service. Well, that is an understatement. You and your team made the entire process a very pleasant experience. You truly cared for us as individuals which was repeatedly shown. Your entire process cannot be any smoother and your people, as we mentioned before, could not have been better to work with. We would not even consider using another builder and would feel honored and privileged if you would feel free to use us as a reference in the future and we would be proud to show our home to any future prospective customers you may have." - Mr. and Mrs. Eisenberg
"As I sit on my screen porch and feel the breeze through the trees, see the deer wander through our backyard...as I live every moment in our house - no, our Graystone home, I feel that it is a dream come true. It was built with such attention to detail, such quality construction and such concern for our wishes. We are truly grateful and amazed at the wonderful job Graystone has done here at 14488 Randolph Trail." - Mr. and Mrs. Sigmon

"We love our new home! I have had homes built in the past and this was by far the most pleasant experience. Anthony's eye for detail and design was truly appreciated. We truly have a home built just for us! It was more like dealing with an old friend every step of the way. We felt as if Anthony had known us for years and knew exactly what we wanted in our home even before we did!" - Mr. and Mrs. Pfiester
"While going through the specifications of our house you left no stone unturned and made many very helpful suggestions and recommendations. When we left we felt you knew exactly what we wanted. We had just gotten a one hour off the cuff quote for another builder who we felt did not take the time or show the interest in building our home that we had hoped for. We expected your estimate to be much higher than the other builder and needless to say were very much surprised and pleased to find you quote was much lower. To tell the truth, we would have chosen you even if you were higher than the first quote because we felt you would do a top notch job, which you did." - Dr. and Mrs. Connolly
"We would like to take an opportunity to express how much we enjoy our wonderful new home. Your ability to listen to our needs combined with your architectural prowess helped us to design our dream home down to the smallest (but important) detail."
- Bob and Lisa St. Ledger

St. Ledger Home - The Drayton Regal

"From the day we started working with you almost eight years ago to finalize plans for our house, Betty Ann and I have never been sorry that we chose Graystone Homes. The house shows your personal touch in so many areas. As the saying goes, it's a pleasure doing business with you. It's also a pleasure to know you and your charming wife Linda personally. We would not hesitate to recommend you as a builder to our close friends, or to anyone else who desires a quality house with a conscientious builder." - Posey B. Howell
"At our first meeting with you, we sensed that you are a man who values honesty, integrity and sets high standards for himself and his staff. Primarily for that reason, we came back for the second meeting and asked you to build our home. We have not been disappointed. Even when things went wrong in the day to day building process, as they inevitably will in any construction, you made every effort to make it right. Above all else, this is why we would recommend Graystone Homes." - Doug & Jan Campbell
"From the very beginning we found you to be patient, thorough, and dedicated, and we have been very impressed with the quality of the service we received. We also found your staff to possess the same qualities. No matter how many times we asked them questions, they were always polite, knowledgeable, and cooperative. Phone calls were always promptly returned." - Jean D. Busboso
"I will recommend your company to others looking to buy or build a home and should we ever decide to build again, I would look to have you do it, but, because this home is so great I doubt we will be moving for some time."
- Donald C. Drayer

"Your dedication to exceeding normal construction standards is the reason I selected Westwood from the many home builders in the State of Virginia. I have worked with numerous contractors throughout my career and I can honestly say none have been as cooperative as you." - Harry L. Hudson, Architect

"Our family wanted to write you and tell you how much we LOVE our new home. We were so impressed with the quality of your products - the beautiful brick around the foundation, Anderson windows, Trane heating and air conditioner, and so much more!!!" - Doug & Alisa Decatur

"Your standard features were already an upgrade over other builders, and they are very much appreciated...Thank you so much for a hassle free experience getting this handicap accessible home built. We had none of the horror stories many of our friends and neighbors (who had different builders) had." - Xavier & Jimille Beard

"...we emphasize the thorough and professional approach you took in evaluating our needs and preparing your proposal. Your methods inspired confidence from the outset." - John & Rosanne Gorkowski

"After looking at other homes built in the area, our home is definitely a QUALITY home and we are very proud of it. Numerous strangers have inquired about our home and asked their builders if they could have one like it. Of course, their builders had to say no." - David & Naomi Zehner

"When we asked you to make improvements to our one-hundred year old sanctuary, we knew the task would be difficult. The structure had sagged, and nothing was quite plumb. Now, the miracle is accomplished! You were able to design and add a new front entrance which is beautiful and functional. Furthermore, the addition flows gracefully into the old so smoothly, it looks as if it were there from the beginning." - Rev. Dr. Horace D. Douty, Pastor

"The quality of materials and construction were only surpassed by the dedication of your crews both in-house and sub-contractors. The best example is the crew who dragged tools and equipment to the house, on a tarp, up a 500' driveway because their vehicle couldn't get through the snow!" - Ray Albertella & Rose Thompson


The Rowland Residence

Our Home Journal - In Our Own Words

Follow the journey of one home owner from beginning to end with "Our Home Journal - In Our Own Words" by Ed and Elizabeth Rowland. See photos from the planning stage to the end as they are available. Special thanks to Ed and Elizabeth for chronicling this exciting event!

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