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Earthcraft House

On September 21, 2006 Anthony Clatterbuck, President of the Home Builders Association of Virginia made the announcement that the HBAV had joined with the Virginia Sustainable Building Network and Southface Energy Institute to bring the Earthcraft House™ program to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Graystone Homes has made a commitment to becoming one of the first certified Earthcraft in the Piedmont area.

The Earthcraft House™ is a voluntary green building program that produces energy efficient homes built with the environment in mind. Green building uses environmentally friendly products to build with (such as engineered floor joists, OSB sheathing) and energy efficient building practices.


HBAV Announcement
Read Anthony's speech unveiling the HBAV's participation in the


Earthcraft House Guidelines
See the Earthcraft House Guidelines in PDF Format


Contractor.com radio show
Hear what Anthony has to say about Earthcraft House.


Earthcraft House Official Web Site

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does an EarthCraft House look different from other houses?
EarthCraft Homes are not necessarily new-age style or underground bunkers. They can be built in any style or design. It isn’t the look of the house that is different; it is the construction and materials that when installed according to the standard, yield a home that is far more energy and natural resource efficient.

What are the advantages of an EarthCraft house vs. a traditional new home?
EarthCraft Houses are designed with several advantages in mind:

  • Lower overall energy consumption (which equals lower operating costs) with EPA’s Energy Star rating being the minimum.
  • A combination of materials, on-site considerations and other matters that when combined lower the impact to the environment over a traditional house.
  • The quality of materials and construction also lend themselves to fewer environmental or health-related issues such as allergies and the presence of mold and mildew.

Will an EarthCraft House cost more than a traditional new home?
While an EarthCraft House will cost a bit more (perhaps 1-3%), the annual savings in energy and maintenance costs will quickly off-set this added up-front cost and over time, yield financial benefits to the homeowner. In some instances, due to the construction quality, materials and energy efficiency, some lenders will provide a “green mortgage.” Under this concept the buyer can qualify for a larger mortgaged based upon expectations for lower energy and operating costs.

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